Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beach Retreat Pretrip

We've spent the last couple of days at Orange Beach, Alabama preparing for our High School Beach retreat that will be June 7th - 12th. It's been a fun trip, seeing new places and meeting new people. Traveling with me was Brian Mills, our West Student Pastor, Brian Harris, our North Student Pastor, Chad Foster, our Cypress Student Pastor, Eric Hystad-our dad, and Lauren Hall...the one who paid for everything while we were gone.
This year, we'll be in a brand new venue that is being completed right now. The lights, sound, bells and whistles are going to be state of the art. It'll be a year to remember!
This year we are expecting to bring more students than ever before to Beach Retreat. For High School, we're planning on bringing 1,800 and for JHigh we're expecting another 1,300...OVER 3,000 students and leaders going to the Beach...don't miss it.

We are traveling back to New Orleans this afternoon where we're catching a flight back to Houston right now. It's an interesting place to travel during Mardi Gras...especially today (Fat Tuesday).
Stay tuned for more Beach Retreat pretrip pics later this week at http://www.jordaneasley.com/

For more information regarding Beach Retreat go to http://www.second.org/

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