Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Premiere Weekend 2009

Premiere Weekend 2009 was an incredible success for our Student Ministry.  Globally we had a little over 1,200 students participate in the weekend and we saw over 125 decisions made for Christ and have seen many follow up in being baptized since then.  This was the first year of what will become a yearly event for Second Baptist Church.  The team from Leadership Rocks and Student Leadership University did a phenomenal job of communicating truth to our students and the Aaron Ivey band led worship on and off the stage.  If you're a student in the Houston area and you missed Premiere Weekend, go ahead and get ready for next year...it's going to be another incredible weekend!

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  1. OK, I watched that on my lunch break, and it def gave me the break I needed to keep chuggin till 5! Hilarious.