Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Cody Novak Story

One of the highlights of my ministry so far is the time I spent serving as a Student Pastor at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas. As a Student Pastor, you have many students come through your ministry, but there are a certain few that rise above and show themselves to be extra special. For me, one of my favorite students of all time was a young man named Cody Novak. His energy was unmatched and his enthusiasm for the ministry was contageous. When I was at Prestonwood, he was a snot-nosed little 8th grade boy and now he's a 6'6'' 230 pound man. Cody is now a Senior at Prestonwood Christian Academy and has proven to be a Godly man and a tremendous leader in that ministry.

Cody has always been a tremendous athlete and has a specific love for the game of basketball. While his PCA basketball teammates battled for the TAPPS 5A state championship this week, Cody was battling something much bigger. He recently found a lump on his backside that turned out to be a fast growing malignant cancer that is very rare and extremely aggressive. His response to the news has been nothing less than inspiring. Through this, Cody has professed his love for God and his faith that God's plan supercedes anything that we can come up with. I couldn't be more proud of Cody and his incredible family right now. We are praying diligently for God to heal his body and would ask that you do the same.

Dallas Morning News Article on Cody:

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