Sunday, March 22, 2009

High School Mission Trip RE:CAP

It doesn't matter where in the world you go on a Mission Trip... boys will be boys.  We had a great time serving, sweating and sharing Christ with the people of Harlingen, Texas.  There were literally hundreds of people that accepted Christ through the block parties our students threw.  Our students represented our church and our God very good throughout the week!  In the evenings, we did a Series entitled "Dirty."  I started the week off talking about "How to Treat the Down and Dirty" and the main point of my talk was the fact that all of us smell like something and God has called us to be the Aroma of Christ in the world we live in.  I ended the evening by asking the question, "How do you smell?"  It was said that we can't just say we are the aroma of Christ, but aroma is the byproduct of our activity.  Our students rose to the challenge and smelled like Christ all week.   I was proud to be their Student Pastor.  

Believe it or not, our guys really did get some work done in the warehouse.  That didn't stop them from having fun though... not for one minute.  

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