Monday, March 23, 2009

Iphones Gets Run Over by a Car!

While in Harlingen, Texas for our Mission Trip, a few of us decided to have a football game in the warehouse parking lot.  My team actually lost in a sudden death ending when one of our girls caught a 20 yard pass and then proceeded to run 50 yards in the wrong direction for a Safety!  Some day I'll write a blog about how I feel in regards to girls playing football...

When we began the game, there were 3 or  4 people that thought it would be smart to take their phones, wallets and ipods out of their pockets and put them on the back of a truck... a truck that didn't belong to us.  Apparently, in the midst of the game, the owner of the pickup decided it was time for them to leave the warehouse, with all kinds of stuff on the back bumper of their vehicle.  Needless to say, phones went missing, wallets were lost and ipods were nowhere to be found.  I decided that I would drive all over town and try to recover some of the lost items.  The first two things I found were Iphones; one that belonged to our Student Worship Associate, Josh Price, the other belonged to one of our students, David Lim.  They were both over 2 miles away and in the middle of the major highway that ran threw downtown.  Josh's phone was in a Speck Case and David's phone was naked.  Let's just say that the result of this little test left me SOLD!  I think it will you also.

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