Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Moral Collapse of Teenage America

For the past month, I've been doing a series in our high school ministry entitled the "Moral Collapse of Teenage America." In the series we've tackled issues like Premarital Sex and seen what the Bible has to say about drinking alcohol, homosexuality and this weekend I'll be talking about abortion. I believe it's been a very eye-opening series for our students and we've already seen God do amazing things in the lives of our students.

So here's where you come in... What are some other key issues that you believe are fueling the moral collapse we're currently experiencing in our country? Why has America taken a turn morally and why have we strayed from the moral and Biblical principles our country was established on in the first place? Feel free to post a comment and let me know what you think.


  1. lets see...

    Be on your guard-- no matter what.
    Sometimes Christian teens aren't on their guard as much as much as they need to be. I know that it will become a reality for most kids because of how acceptable it is in real life. It's in conversations, commercials about ED, it's everywhere. It makes people susceptible to it little by little to where doesn't bother them. Nowadays, Premarital sex is publicized with realty TV shows (Even kids shows have adult humor), it's in movies, on billboards... it's everywhere.

    Another thing is deciding what you really believe.
    I think one thing that my generation is lacking is believing in something and not being influenced by others. We should be out there telling people the truth, but not condemning kids for believing what they do.I hate to say it, but it's the people we put in charge.
    Our leadership has SO much to do with it. People tend to believe anything that their leader says (no matter how wrong it is) and not think for themselves. So if we (Christians) can go out there and be the silent majority it might help. I know that this is a problem because kids are taught to respect their authority and with respect comes trust.

    Also the fact that things are becoming widely available to whoever wants it. Like drugs, alcohol, sex (porn on the comp). It's completely everywhere and what kids are exposed to they tend to act on and when trying to be accepted by others kids are willing to do this.

    It's the whole thing about taking God out of the system. When you take God out of a mix you just have ingredients. Think about it this way. When baking a cake you might have all the ingredients, but without the eggs to keep it together. You will have a cake that's falling apart... just like our country without God.

  2. "the fast food" mentality of EVERYTHING--gotta have it NOW, cheap and convenient.
    no accountability at ALL anymore--this was one of the main reasons i quit teaching high school for a living.....students are NOT held to any kind of standard for themselves--everything is someone else's fault and their parents back them up.

    Not to pick on men--but male leadership in this country is lacking---when even our presidents boast of having affairs....the lack of moral integrity of men (who are supposed to be leaders) has trickled down to permeate every area of society.

    (Jordan--i LOVE your blog!)