Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Car... In Park... Wrecked!

So the story goes like this.  My car was in park... in a driveway and today it is wrecked.  It's really not a big deal because ultimately it's just a car, but for the guy who hit me, it's happened at a pretty bad time.  This is his side of the story, taken from his blog in his own words... and it's hilarious!  Poor guy!

By Brett Hystad

Well I'm gonna start off by saying that yesterday, as in Monday, was probably one of the worst days Ive had in a very very long time. So here is what my day looked like. I had to go to the dentist and missed my classes. So I came home chilled for a little bit but I was just in a blah mood. We were having our carpets cleaned so Jordan Easley and Deets Finley, the youth pastors for Woodway who work for my dad, came over to help us move furniture. As I was walking out to get something from my car, I noticed a beautiful black jag sitting in my drive way and I was like ......dang. Well obviously I realized it was Jordans. I went back into the house got some stuff, and got in my car to go to work. And somewhere between getting wowed by this jag in my drive way and me getting in my car, I forgot that Jordans beautiful black jag was sitting in my drive way behind my car. And so yes, I backed into his car. It wasnt terrible but there was still some damage to the car. I cant describe how dumb and bad I felt. So I left and went to work. At work, I spilled an iced tea all over an elderly gentleman's back. I spilled a glass of ice water on the floor 15 minutes later. And I had a table get up and leave on me. Needless to say, Monday was absolutely terrible. As I got home, I was so emotionally and physically exhausted. I kinda in a way felt helpless. And all of the sudden Psalm 46:10 popped in my head. "Be still and know that I am God". So I just started thinking about what God was telling me. I thought about it and realized this. All throughout my day, I didnt go to God really at all. I didnt go and talk to Him, I didn't go vent to Him, I really didn't give Him the light of day. And I know that Christianity always kinda gives the "feel good" thought that God is always there for you like a good friend. But God was more than a good friend, He was God. Through everything bad that happened, God really was with me every step of the way. He was right there next to me just waiting for me to talk to Him. God is always there for us no matter what, he always forgives, he always gives grace, he is always there to talk, he is never too busy, and he always, no matter what, loves us unconditionally. I was reminded that in our worst, God is always there. God was with me when I hit Jordan's car, and he was with me when all the stuff at work went on. He was with me every second of that day. So I just went to Him. When I thought about Psalm 46:10, I kinda felt like God telling me just to shutup and know that He loves me and that in the end, that is the only thing that will ever matter period. He just wants us to run to Him and cast everything on Him and to, like the verse says, be still and chill out and just give everything to Him even if we dont know how. So I encourage anyone who is reading this, remember Psalm 46:10. You are bound to have a bad day like me soon if your not having one now. Know God is literally right next to you. He wont leave us and he is with us every second of every terrible day. God loves us people. He loves us with such an amazing love that Psalm 46:10 just echoes how great that love really is. If we take anything and everything to God, don't worry, He is gonna take care of you. You dont have anything to worry about if you give it to God, besides He is God ya know. God is love people. Like I said, give it to Him, and go read Psalm 46:10. Thats about it for now. Thanks for reading

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