Monday, March 16, 2009

Why Should You Take a Mission Trip?

If you've never taken a Mission Trip, you have no clue what you're missing out on.  For a long time, I made excuses and let my 'busyness' keep me from giving of myself and serving in this capacity, but when I got over myself and my fears, my eyes were opened to the world around me.  I think there are many reasons why EVERY Christian A.K.A. "Follower of Christ" should be participate in a Mission Trip.  First of all, it will give you a greater vision and understanding when it comes to the purpose of missions.  As a sheltered American, for most of my life, I would hear stories about the people in other countries or other cultures and they were just stories or statistics.  When you participate and serve in a trip like this, you meet PEOPLE and you get to know them, and understand their stories and their struggles.  It becomes real and your eyes are opened to the realization of their reality.  Secondly, it will give you a brand new and undiscovered appreciation for the blessing you have at home.  It's sad to admit, but we take a lot of what we have for granted.  Getting away from your STUFF will allow you to see your life from a whole new perspective.  Thirdly, it will get you excited about outreach.  Most people are terrified to share Christ with people at home, and a mission trip is a great place to practice being obedient to this command of Christ.  It will allow your confidence to be built and make it easier to resemble Christ and share him on your own turf.  
Lastly, it will give you a greater understanding of what it is to be fully committed to Jesus Christ and be used in the advancement process of the Kingdom of God.  If you evaluate a typical day in your life, chances are good that most likely you don't make an eternal difference in the life of someone between the time you wake up and the time you go to sleep.  By participating and serving in a Mission Trip, you'll be given that opportunity, first hand, to make an everlasting investment in the lives of people you may never see again.  And more importantly, people that may never see you, or someone like you again.

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