Wednesday, April 8, 2009

11 Things I've Learned from Flying with Kids

1. Never look at your watch because time moves a lot slower if you do.
2. You can never have too much candy in your pocket.
3. Airlines won’t let the adults sit together in the front of the plane while the kids sit in the back of the plane.
4. Kids love to poop in airplane bathrooms.
5. A nap isn’t going to happen on the plane, so don’t bother trying.
6. If you have a two and three year old, please allow 30 minutes to pass through security and another 10 to get dressed again.
7. Never try to use the barf bag, because they won’t make it.
8. People think your kids are a lot cuter before the flight than they do after.
9. Always bring a fully charged laptop with movies! Lot’s of movies!
10. Don’t try to use the Sky Mall Magazine to entertain your kids. They don’t find it half as awesome as we do.
11. When your kids turn 2, you better start saving, because flying with a family will drastically affect your bankroll!

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  1. Wish it could have worked out for us to see y'all when you were here in GA! Sounds like it was an eventful trip. (Even just the travel part!) -Emilee Turner