Monday, April 20, 2009

Execution: A Leadership Must

How to Work the P.L.A.N:
-Don’t confuse activity for results
-Don’t confuse the ‘need’ with vision, or ‘urgent’ with important
-Keep it simple to keep it focused
-Create a ‘stop doing’ list (how do I know which things to drop? Answer: pick the things that are the least important in accomplishing your mission)

Leading the Ministry (Organizational) Team:
-At the heart of execution is decision making that is timely, effective and appropriate.
-Attract and recruit people who understand what needs to be done.
-Train your leaders how to address an uncertain future with both competence and confidence.

Extending Your Influence:
-Cast the vision and reframe the big picture, all the time.
-Live out your values, every day.
-Resource your leaders for the work they have to do.
-Encourage and thank people. It will propel your team to high performance.

Staying on Track:
-Is the mission clear and understood?
-Is the vision being ‘caught’ by my leaders?
-Are strategies complete and completion dates realistic?
-Are team members adequately trained and equipped?
-Have we reallocated sufficient resources to get the job done?
-Do we have traction and momentum, or are we stuck?
-If we are stuck, what are we going to do to get ‘unstuck’?

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  1. Great notes! Thanks for posting these. I love it.