Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How do we lead our Students toward a Global Lifestyle?

How do we lead our Students toward a Global Lifestyle?
This Discussion was led by Chris Lovell & Chris White:

How do we mobilize students to become the future business leaders, Pastors, Parents, and men and women that God intends for them to be?

Student Leadership—
Be Discipled by a Godly Adult Leader: If you expect your students to feed other students, they must first be fed.
Small Group Bible Study: Participate or lead a small group/in-home Bible Study. Plant these groups in your key areas and in areas where your influence is weak right now.
Campus Missionaries: Starting student-led Bible studies on campuses throughout the community. Students can get a faculty sponsor a lot easier than the Student Pastor can.

Local Focus—
Mobilization through Family Groups in Weekend Bible Study
Campus Ministry-take ownership of the territory that God has placed you in
Local Missions-take advantage of mission opportunities and partnerships in your own back yard

States Focus—
Multiple Mission Trip opportunities throughout the year

Global Focus—
Bible translation through One Verse Seed Company
Overseas Mission Trip (Must participate in Local and States trips in order to qualify for overseas trip)

The key word for preparing our students is Mobilization. If they aren’t mobilized, they will become stagnant and still.

America is 5th on the list of unreached countries for Christ.

"We live in a time where “Christians” seem to be more excited about the deer they kill or the fish they caught, than they are about what God is doing through in their lives." -Chris White

"If you don’t expose your students to a controlled missional crisis-type environment, they are going to rot in their own self indulgence." -Chris White

Engage Students in ministry. Empower them; Commission them; prepare them to be in full time mission work in their own lives.

Question to ask yourself as a Parent or Student Pastor: What steps are we taking to ensure that our students are prepared to live their lives for Christ 24/7 in the real world?

-Empower and Equip the Lid to partner with you in this journey. What is the lid that is preventing your students from taking the next step in their walks with Christ?

-Create ways to allow students to serve alongside their parents: What would it look like to see a son standing beside his dad as he greeted on Sunday morning, or took up the offering, or made in-home visits?

-The beautiful gage in student ministry is where you get to the point where you can sit back and watch your students leading their friends to Christ and being utilized to transform lives… all while you sit back and watch them, while you continue to equip and encourage them throughout their journey.

Most Student Ministries live between the Missional and Attritional.
John Wesley said, “If you can get your kids on fire, people will come watch them burn.”

Stay on Mission and remember what’s important.

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