Monday, April 20, 2009

Leaders Growing Leaders--The Keys to Influencing the Next Genreation of Leaders

Ron Maines was one of our guest speakers at Metro this year. Here are some great leadership points for you to check out; whether you're in Ministry or in the Marketplace:

Leadership is the scarcest resource in the majority of organizations.
The second most scarce is the ability to execute an effective ministry plan.

Key Points of Leadership (Military Leadership Parallel):
1. Accomplish the Mission
2. Take care of your people
3. Grow the next generation of leaders

Leadership is about influencing others. Type A leadership only goes so far… Influential leadership is effective leadership. Leaders are people who know what to do next. When they don’t know what to do next, they find out what to do next! Roadblocks are unacceptable.

How do you combine Biblical Truth with Business Excellence? It’s dependent on the:
· Structure
· Skill of the Leader

Three Important Questions:
· Who are we?
This goes to mission and purpose and why we exist
· Where are we going?
This goes to inspiring and compelling vision.
· How are we going to get there?
This goes to a plan that is written and understood and the ability to effectively execute the plan.

Our Mission:
· It must be clear
· It must be understood
· It must drive us to effective results
· It must be lived out over time
· It is what we are about

Our Vision:
· It is dynamic, our mission in motion
· It moves the organization toward its future
· It is inspiring and compelling
· It is what gets out of bed in the morning.

Our Core Values:
· Values are the glue that holds the culture and the organization together.
· Our values and beliefs drive our behavior.
· Commonly held values draw people and teams together for effective performance.

Painting A Present State Portrait:
· In order to know where we are going, we have to know where we are.
· When we know what the questions are, the answers are easier to find.

Ministry Assessment Template:
· Strengths (What do we do well?)
· Weaknesses (What do we need to do better?)
· Opportunities (What can we leverage to our advantage?)
· Threats (What must we pay attention to?)

Now What?
· Create the summary of the findings
· Identify critical issues and barriers that are in the way.
· Gain clarity and alignment before you move forward.

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