Monday, April 20, 2009

Strategic Leadership- Ron Maines

Strategic Management = Planning + Implementation

What Planning is NOT:
Planning is not prediction
Planning is not “brainstorming”
Planning is not difficult

What Planning IS:
Planning is an expression of faith
Planning is an invitation for participation and service
Planning is adaptive learning
Planning moves us in the direction of our vision and toward the accomplishment of our mission.

“All great ideas degenerate into work.” --Peter F. Drucker

Our Ministry Plan:
It will bring clarity to what we are trying to accomplish
It will align the efforts of the team
It will bring a laser sharp focus on results

How to P.L.A.N the Work:
Clearly define what we want to accomplish

Lasting Results
Set the targets for performance

Action Strategies
Describing how we will go about our work

Next steps
Figuring out who will do the work and how it will be accomplished

“It’s okay for people in your organization to be better at things than you are.” --Ron Maines

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  1. Jordan, dude, you're amazing! What a great morning on leadership. Thanks for the great notes. Phil Newberry