Monday, April 13, 2009

What Are Your Easter Traditions?

When it comes to the holidays we celebrate, there are all kinds of traditions that go along with them.  One of the fun things about being a young family is figuring out what we're going to celebrate and how we're going to celebrate.  It can be fun creating traditions that you know will become a part of your children's lives forever and possibly even their families someday.  

I cracked up the other night as I heard my wife Audra answer a question my daughter asked about the Easter Bunny.  She skillfully and carefully constructed her words to tell how a long time ago, a bunny rabbit came here and was so excited about Jesus rising from the dead that he brought candy and eggs to the townspeople to get them really pumped up.  What!?!  Where did that come from?  But seriously, where did the Easter Bunny come from?  Think about it.  A rabbit... lays eggs... filled with candy... and leaves them in your yard... for absolutely no reason whatsoever.  Happy Easter!  I have no problem with it, but I'm dumbfounded when it comes to the logic behind it.  

This Easter, we celebrated at church on Saturday night at the Easter Egg Hunt and then Audra and I served in the nursery at church.  This was definitely not something we had planned to do, but because of the tremendous need, we agreed to serve.  It was kind of fun playing with the little babies.  It was also pretty funny when I heard a scream from the room down the hall and come to find out, the screams came because my son had pee'd on his teacher (who is actually on my staff! :-/  Sorry Jen!)  Nursery worker need to get paid more!!!  

I'm interested to see what people do for Easter.  

What are your traditions?  

What are some things you wish you could do for the special holiday?  

How do you handle the Easter Bunny... or the tooth-fairy... or Santa?  (not that they're not real or anything)


  1. Well. sorry about the peeing incident...HYSTERCAL!! For many years we have spent Easter at the family ranch in Beeville, attending Easter services at the sweetest First Baptist Church in Pettus, Tx (membership 50--the pastor was also a part-time auctioneer) but since the ranch sold this last summer we were kind of "Easter orphans" trying to establish new traditions. Church at SBC on Saturday night was AWESOME! We also discovered Sunday that if you put enough money in the eggs you can get your teenagers to hunt them early in the AM in their PJs in the front yard with your two year old. (Takes ALOT of $$$ though)...

  2. All I can say is... like father, like son! Miss you guys :)

  3. We read this great book called easter bunny are you for real! it talks about the history of the egg dying. Having to do with getting to eat eggs again because Lent was over and they were dyed red to represent the Blood of Christ! Very interesting!