Monday, May 18, 2009

Great Advice for Summer Interns

Today we have 3 new Summer Interns starting on our Woodway Campus and I thought I would pass along some great advice for the newbies. Brian Mills, Student Pastor at our West Campus, came up with this list of 20 thoughts for Interns, and he based it off of his experience as an Intern back in Arkansas. Brian has a great blog and if you would like to check it out click on this link:


1. Work Hard all summer – Don’t worry about time off or sleep. You are going to work Hard. Sometimes grunt work, sometimes “cool” work but no matter what the job is, you do it with all you have.
2. Don’t “just be an intern!” By pay and job title you are an intern, but in reality you are a TEAM member. Act like a team member and you will be treated like a team member.
3. Dream dreams that can make the organization you work for better, even while doing your grunt work.
4. Show up early and stay late. Never be the last to get to work and the first to leave.
5. Never complain about what you are doing.
6. See Opportunity not frustration. There will be times you wonder “what is everyone else doing?” always see opportunity.
7. Never see the Negative, always see the Positive
8. Be Loyal to your team and organization
9. Go above and beyond in all you do.
10. Spend as much time as you can with your supervisor or boss. Don’t be annoying but do spend every second you can with them.
11. Get to know everyone. You never know who you are talking too.
12. Be Self Motivated!!! Don’t just wait for someone to tell you to do something.
13. Be aggressive in relationships without being the “strange intern.”
14. Journal every day on what you are learning.
15. Dress right. Don’t be a slob!
16. Take care of your host home.
17. Be Quick to Listen
18. Don’t be a know it all. Be a Learner. Leaders are Learners
19. Take time to read. Leaders are readers
20. Have Fun!!!
I think this is a great list, but I would also add a few:
1. During your internship don't try to change the DNA of the organization you're working with. Sometimes it's good to keep your opinions to yourself.
2. Take good notes--Write down what you're experiencing so you can remember them in the future and apply them to your future ministry.
3. Keep your number one prioirity in ministry YOUR OWN! Don't get too busy to spend time in the Word and in prayer every day. If you forget to feed yourself, you won't be able to feed those that God has entrusted you with.

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