Saturday, May 9, 2009

Has Your Family Jumped into the Deep End?

What’s your family’s story? When it comes to your family discipleship, would you be found paddling around the shallow end of the pool or would you be doing cannon balls off the high dive into the deep end?

This is an article that I wrote in our last RE:Parent Magazine for parents of teeangers:

As a parent, one of the easiest defaults is assuming that the discipling and spiritual upbringing of our children belongs to the church. After all, that’s why we go every week! But the Bible tells us throughout Scripture that it is my responsibility as a parent to demonstrate to my children what it’s like to be a genuine follower of Christ. I can just hear some of you saying, “Yeah, but it’s easy for you. You’re a Pastor and your kids are young.” We’ve got a plan that makes it easy for anybody!

For most Parents, it’s natural to be inconsistent, even absent when it comes to discipling our kids because it’s scary, and we are busy and feel unequipped to be effective in this challenge. But think about it this way… If your family isn’t getting around the Word of God now and diving into the life changing principles found in the Scriptures, can you really expect God’s best for your kids and family? I want to challenge you as a spiritual leader in your family to take the Deep End Challenge.

Because our Student Ministry wants you to be empowered and equipped as you dive in to disciple your kids, we’ve developed a 6 week curriculum. We have a Student Book and a Leader Book and I would put it up against any Student Discipleship curriculum out there. It’s designed for the students at Second and it was designed with Parents in mind. The leader book allows you to teach and learn at the same time! Turn off the TV… make time… take the challenge… and enjoy this time with your kid. You will truly be blessed!

The Deep End Material is available in our Student Ministry Offices and the 6 week books are $10. If you would like to order a book, please send an email to

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