Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day Should Be Every Day

Every job has a Job Description and most jobs have a time when you clock in and a time when you clock out.  Think about the job description of a Mom.  It's literally a job that is 24/7 and it never ends.  A Mom can't just quit when things get rough and she doesn't ever have much time to herself at all.  A Mom does some of the most disgusting things you've ever imagined, with buggers and vomit and poop... things that make "Dirty Jobs" look like a walk in the park.  A Mom doesn't sleep very much when the kids are small and an average date night with her husband seems to bring the same excitement that Prom did years ago.  Mom has a tough job and I'm confused why they only get one day of celebration each year.

This year as part of my Mother's Day gift to Audra, I'm going to try to spread it out a little bit and show her how much I love and appreciate her throughout the entire year.  If she reads this, she can... and will... totally take advantage of that statement, but she's pretty incredible and I'm blessed to have such an awesome Wife... and Mommy.  Happy Mothers Day!

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