Sunday, May 3, 2009

Youth Weekend at a Glance

It was an amazing thing to experience a weekend full of services at Second Baptist Houston with teenagers leading the way.  Our students put in countless hours of preparation and prayer getting ready for the weekend and their efforts paid off big time because God used each and every one of them in a tremendous way as they led our services.

Josh Price and the Student Ministry Band showed up big for Youth Weekend.  They played all 3 services at Second Baptist Houston and were phenomenal.  Playing with Josh were (from the left) Will Story; bass, Travis Thompson; keys, Drew Story; lead guitar, Avery Csorba; vocals, Rey Calderon; rhythm guitar, Matt Reynolds; synth & keys, and Andy Calderon; drums.
The Preachers for Youth Weekend were Chris Duncan, Callie Lowe, Trevor Hanson and Paige Warren.  There were many other students who served as Ushers and Greeters.  Teenagers did the Welcome, the Prayers on the Platform... there was even a Teenager in every Bible Study class at Second this weekend, sharing their testimonies and answering questions about their walk with Christ.  There were literally hundreds of teenagers across our campus serving during Youth Weekend and it was an amazing thing to see!  The Quintet from Second Baptist School did an amazing job signing in all of our venues at Woodway.  The group consisted of Ryan Hendrick, Matty Kerns, Eric Bahorich, John Wallace and Tyler Lohse.  

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