Friday, June 5, 2009

Beach Retreat Early Crew

I left the Woodway Campus at 8am on Thursday morning along with the Early Crew for High School Beach Retreat and traveled 9 hours to our final destination of Orange Beach, Alabama. As you can see, once we arrived I realized that the incredible beach and first class accomodations were more than worth the journey we experienced today.

On Sunday we'll have about 1,800 High School students and leaders join us from Second Baptist Houston for one of the most incredible weeks of their lives. This year at Beach Retreat, we're pulling out all the stops with incredibly creative programming, a brand new venue and some incredible messages by our Pastor, Dr. Ed Young.

Our Early Crew is committed to working hard to make sure this city and the fabulous resorts (all four of them) are ready for our group on Sunday evening. Now, I want you to make sure you're ready as well. If you're signed up and ready to join us, I want to challenge you to pray and ask God to soften your heart. Ask Him to speak clearly and loudly during your experience in Orange Beach and pray for everyone else involved in the week. If you're not signed up, you need to consider what you'ld be missing. You only get these kinds of opportunities a couple times in your lifetime. I can't think of anything more important or more worthwhile than a week to get refocused and recharged in your relationship with Christ at a beautiful beach in Southern Alabama. For more information about Beach Retreat or to sign up now, please visit or if you're wanting Woodway information, email Ashlie at

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