Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fishing with 150 Junior High Students

As an optional excursion this year at Beach Retreat, our Junior High Students were able to go 'not so' Deep Sea Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Much to my surprise we had over 150 students sign up to participate in this experience, so we chartered 4 boats and made our way to the waters. Long story short, on my boat, we had 50 Jhighers from Woodway and after 4 short hours of fishing we had caught right at 25 fish. That's right... a wopping 1/2 fish per person! Even though the fish weren't biting, we had a great time feeding shrimp to seagulls, playing Mafia, eatting watermelon, we even took a poll to see which candies were better: Hot Tamales or Mike and Ikes. Gotta love JHighers!

Our Junior High students are pretty awesome and it was a lot of fun hanging out aboard the S.S. 'All I can catch is a Minnow' and get to know the newbies. I'm pretty sure all the kids had a great time as well.

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