Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Depressing to See Your Kids Get Older!

Alright, it's official... kids grow up way too fast.  It seems like yesterday we were bringing them home from the hospital and now my babies are 4 and 3.  It seems like just a few days ago they were drinking formula and pooping themselves and now they're talking back, rolling their eyes, and developing bad attitudes and negative facial expressions!  :-)

Parenting is a blast!  There's nothing better than doing life with little people that resemble you a little bit and remind you of your slightly less mature mischievous inner self.  It's fun, but at times, parenting can be a little depressing as well.

Today, we celebrated Jailee and Asher's Birthday by allowing them to open up their presents from Audra and myself.  They were pretty pumped all day... or at least ever since they saw me pull into the driveway with 2 mattresses and 2 box springs on top of Audra's SUV.  Today was the day when they graduated to their brand new BIG KID BEDS!  No more short stuff sleepers, they were now going to be hibernating on a full size bed all by themselves, and they were beyond giddy!  

Along with their new beds and mattresses came brand new bedding that we picked out especially for them.  Their new bedding added to the new themes of their bedrooms... basically what I'm saying is Audra did a great job picking the stuff out because the rooms are really coming together.  Jailee's bedroom theme is basically "Girly Girl" because everything is pink and loud and girly.  Asher's room is "Camo and Animals" with a side dish of sports, all because these are his favorite things.

Both kids are very excited about being a year older, but it seems like the older they get, the more depressing it is for me.  I don't really have too many issues about me getting older (not yet anyways, maybe this time next year though), but for some reason, as I look through previous birthday pictures of my kids, it's a little sad.  They just grow up so fast!  It's a great reminder that these days fly by, and as a Dad, I need to remember that I only have this opportunity once with my kids.

Dads, take this as a challenge to spend a little extra time with your kids this week.  Work can wait... Sportscenter is on a loop and will be on later... you can always make more money or acquire more stuff... but your kids are growing up and need their Dad right now.


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