Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Taking 'Gross' to a Whole New Level

This is one of those stories that you tell the world and ten years later, your kid hates you for it! On Monday, we moved into a new house. We're still waiting for our Atlanta home to sell, but we had to get out of the apartment before we killed each other. While we worked on unloading boxes, one of Audra's good friends, Jennifer Mills watched our kids for the day. Her and her husband Brian brought the kids to our house and we ate dinner (Pei Wei did the cooking).

The four of us so-called adults ate inside and watched the kids eat outside from the window. It was fun watching the little people interact with their big personalities as they ate their food and destroyed the landscaping. But the funniest part of this experience happend after they ate their dinner.

Kids are so entertaining! The girls, Jailee and McKenna are exactly alike... dainty, girly, sensative...they are basically both emotional basketcases. The boys are also exactly alike... rough, tough, mean, hallerious, and dirty all the time. The girls were having fun sitting on the porch and talking about princesses, clothes and their stock portfolios and the boys were playing catch with a basketball in the yard, when all the sudden Parker (Mills) dropped trow. He was buck naked and I guess it was contageous because before you knew it, Asher was naked as well. Both Moms were screaming out the window, "Put your clothes on!" Then... it got a little bit more complicated. Both boys began the same time! ...not in the grass, not on each other, but on the basketball! This is also the time where the Moms got up and headed outside as Brian and I were doubled over in laughter as we watched with pride in our hearts. But then it got gross! Parker set a whole new "Fear Factor" standard by picking the basketball up with his hands and LICKING THE BALL! And then, as they continued playing catch, he threw it to Asher and he reinacted this disgusting feat. There were tears streaming from my face and the Mom's reactions were priceless.

Needless to say, we are going to be giving that basketball to the Mills family. We look forward to the day when Parker and Asher have girlfriends that google them and get the opportunity to read about their shady past. Good stuff...

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  1. This has got to be the funniest (and nastiest) thing I've read this week. lol