Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tween Girls Deciding to Cover Up

Slinky Gives Way to Simple
Thanks in large part to influence of conservative clothing choices from teen idols. And shockingly... parents!

Teen fashion trends come and go as quickly as American Idol hopefuls. But for some reason the fascination with tight jeans and flashing midriffs seemed to last forever. Worse yet was a new attitude of sexual brazenness that came along with it. Luckily we may be seeing the last days of exposed bellybuttons from low-cut jeans that only got lower the longer the trend lasted.
The current crop of tween culture idols are impacting more than the Nielson ratings on Disney and Nickelodeon. More importantly they are having a positive effect on teen fashions. According to Trend Central, the more modest fashions from characters on Hannah Montana, iCarly, and the High School Musical series are being copied in real life. Not to mention the new teen standards from the White House named Sasha and Malia. Whether it be from TV characters or real life people conservative dress is making a comeback this season.

Both high-end shops as well as chains such as Justice and Limited Too are embracing the trend from slinky to simple. The new lines don't compromise on being hip as each is full of bright colors and eclectic patterns. So girls get to be just as expressive except without all the skin.

Mom and Dad Make a Comeback Too

Of particular interest is a secondary reason for the shift to conservative wear -- Parents. This generation of teens are more emotionally and relationally connected to their parents and therefore more open to their influence and feedback. Parents never liked the "let's all dress up like Britney" look but this generation of tweens are listening to their parents advice when it comes to sexuality and modesty. So take heart Mom, what you say really does matter. Now that you know don't miss the opportunity to lovingly make a difference in your teens clothing choices. That doesn't mean when you demand modesty your daughter will respond. But what you can do is take the time to ask questions that help her compare what might be appropriate or inappropriate. Or what makes her feel beautiful instead of simply "sexy." Use your wisdom and life experience to make a difference. And don't forget Miley Cyrus and Demi Lavoto might be big today, but over the longhaul you'll be the biggest influence in her life. (by Brian Housman)

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