Saturday, July 11, 2009

10 Things I Just Learned about Garage Sales

1. Don't advertise that you start at 8am unless you're going to be ready to go at 7am.
2. You have to talk to people a lot less if you mark your prices before the garage sale begins.
3. It's smart to have an interpreter on site.
4. It may be junk to you... but people will steal it anyways.
5. Your kids love their old toys a lot more when it comes time to sell them to someone else.
6. If you want $5 for an item, you better tell them $10... maybe $15.
7. Garage Sales are a horrible way to introduce yourself to the neighborhood... we probably shouldn't have done one in our first month here. :-/
8. If it's 102 degrees... don't do a garage sale.
9. Craigslist is the best form of advertising ever!
10. It's way easier to give stuff away! If I have another garage sale this year... somebody punch me in the face!

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