Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Please Pray for Brian and Jennifer Mills

There aren't too many friendships that we value as much and the friendship Audra and I have had with Brian and Jennifer Mills. Our children adore each other, love spending time with one another, and have provided Brian and myself a multitude of sermon illustrations! They have helped make our transition to Second very easy and really a whole lot of fun. But, as we know very well, God gives and God takes away.

As much as we wish Brian would remain on our team forever, he believes God is calling them away to serve at another church called Longhollow Baptist Church outside of Nashville, Tennessee. He will lead the Student Ministry Team there in their 3 locations and will continue to do what he's done at our West Campus; leading teenagers to Jesus and equipping them to become fishermen as well. We need to pray specifically for the Mills as they prepare for their transition. Pray for their children through the transition. Pray for Brian and Jennifer as they're making new friends and establishing new relationships. Pray for their house to sell (and on a personal note, keep praying for my Atlanta house to sell too!), Pray for their new staff team at Longhollow and pray for the West Campus Staff that they'll be leaving.

We are very blessed to have an incredible team on our West Campus and I think this is a huge statement about the way Brian has led his team. Pray for Jeremiah Ramer and Michael Head as they continue the charge and as they lead the troops. The future and potential of our West Campus is unimaginable and I can't wait to see what God does in Katy. For more information on their move or the church where they're going, please visit Brian's BLOG.

Brain and Jennifer, thanks for your friendship. We're praying for you and know that God will continue using you in amazing ways.


  1. Hey brother - have a good friend on staff at Longhollow. Shane Sisk is their 9th/10th grade minister there. Shane was YM at First Dallas while I was there. Great guy. I know Brian will love working with Shane.

  2. Shane is a stud. They've got a lot of great guys at Longhollow--John Steen is their Jhigh guy; a complete riot! Pray for Brian--he'll need all the help he can get trying to lead those guys! :-)