Friday, July 31, 2009

Speaking at the Spamarama Youth Conference

I had the opportunity to speak at the Spamarama Youth Conference in Houston, Texas last week hosted at Bethel Baptist Church in North-East Houston. There were over 30 churches represented and over 700 teenagers packed into the Worship Center.

Spamarama is a Ministry that was birthed by a man named Jaime Garcia and his overwhelming desire to see churches come together all across Houston to reach teenagers with the message of Jesus Christ. It was awesome to see his dream come to fruition as we saw over 100 teenagers pray to recieve Jesus last Thursday.
I hope that Jaime's heartbeat for this community will spread like a wildfire! We are constantly reminded, as we watch the news or pay attention to just about any circle of life in our communities, how lost this world really is.
I'm thankful for Spamarama and the opportunity to be a part of another ministry in this town that is serious about seeing the lives of teenagers changed by the message of Christ.

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