Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stacy's BBQ--A Trip Back to the Pit in Jacksonville

When I was 10 years old, one of my best friends was the old man across the street, Stacy Davis. We would hit golf balls for hours, drive his golf cart around the neighborhood, and drive his truck around town. He is still today one of the funniest people and most entertaining individuals I've ever spent time with. Stacy started his own BBQ Pit in 1977, and to this day, he still talks about hiring me as a 10 year old boy to bus his tables and schmooze his customers. Stacy has claimed for years that when I worked there as a small boy that I made more money in 'old lady' tips than he made running the entire restaurant. ...let me just say, I was really good at working my magic back then! :-)

This week, I was back in East Texas speaking at the Go Tell Camp in Nacogdoches. There was no way I would go all the way to East Texas without revisiting the Pit and enjoying a meal with Stacy and Edith Davis. So, I got my family in the car and made the 45 minute trek to Jacksonville, Texas for an incredible BBQ lunch with some great old friends. Stacy's BBQ is still one of the best BBQ restaurants in the state of Texas. In a recent edition of Texas Monthly, they reviewed Stacy's and ranked them the #6 BBQ Joint in the State:



Building used to be: A house.

“I should have expanded twenty years ago,” said proprietor Ron Davis, though most people consider the cozy, brown-shingled cottage a plus, not a minus. Hickory smoke gave assertiveness to the usual suspects. We assembled in front of the short steam table to order, then headed to one of the small dining rooms, toting trays laden with meats, baked beans, corn on the cob, and two kinds of potato salad. PS

Rating: 4.
1217 S. Jackson, 903-586-1951. Open Tue—Sat 10—6. Closed Sun & Mon. [Map]

Not only is the food really good, but the ambiance is unbeatable. People have been signing the walls for over 30 years. My kids had to get in on the action and sign one of the few blank spots on the wall. We marked their height and the date so that we can compare next time we're in town.

I'll always be thankful to Stacy and Edith Davis for taking the time to invest in me as a small boy. They were great neighbors and even greater friends. If you're ever in Jacksonville, Texas, stop by and enjoy!

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