Monday, July 27, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

I consider myself very blessed to have always had an incredible relationship with my Dad. I tell people all the time that we grew up together, and we really kind of did. He's always been my best friend and it's always a blast hanging out with him. This weekend, my parents flew into town to celebrate our kids birthdays and spend some time with us and I also had the opportunity to take my Dad to an Astros game at Minute Maid Park in Houston.

One of the best Student Ministry Volunteers in the world, Teri Bono gave us tickets right behind home plate and we were entrenched in every pitch that was thrown. It was a great game! At one point, there was a collision at home plate as Hunter Pence threw a strike from right field to Pudge at home as Jeff Francour tried to score the game tying run... it was awesome! The Astros were victorious against the Mets in a 5-4 in a nail-biter and then they opened up the roof and we got to enjoy and incredible fireworks display.

Sitting right in front of us were two men that I have a lot of respect for:
Craig Reynolds and Jerry Towne. Both of these men serve at Second Baptist Houston. What I thought was cool was the fact that both of these men were sitting next to their own Sons. As I sat with my Dad, I was reminded of games that we attended when I was younger, and hunting trips we would take, and the countless hours of playing catch in the back yard or shooting hoops in the driveway. I thought about the intentionality my dad had in spending time with me and investing in me and discipling me and it motivates me to become that kind of Dad.
You say, "It's just a baseball game," but when you look at it like that, it's really a whole lot more. It's discipleship. It's intentionality. It's being a father, a shepherd, a role model and a friend.
Thanks Dad.

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  1. great blog! know i'm so proud of how you are allowing GOD to use you in a great way! we love you and your family. the gores