Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tips for Improving Your Golf Game

Golf is a game that looks pretty easy when you see a trained professional take the box and tee off on that little white ball, but in all actuality, it's really one of the most difficult and complex games a person will ever play.  I've been playing around at the game of golf since I was in high school and I've discovered over the last couple of years some very practical ways of lowering your score.  I can just about guarantee that if you apply everything you read below, your score will be lower.  Try me.

1.  Play with people that make you laugh-
If you take the game too seriously, the game will win and you will lose.  You have to have a good time when you play or it's not a game anymore... it's work, and nobody wants to work on the golf course unless they're pulling those big checks like the pros. 

2.  Play with someone who challenges you to be better-
There's just something about playing the game of golf with someone who stretches you to be a better golfer.  It's like all areas of life... you become like those you spend time with, so spend time with people that will improve you.

3.  Make Excellence the Standard-
If you want to be better, it's gonna cost you!  You've got to make the necessary investment if you truly want to become better at the game.  That means you may need to step up on the equipment in your bag, and the type of golf balls you're hitting.  Technology has improved dramatically over the past decade, so if you want to keep up, you've got to stay current.

4.  Play a Great Golf Course-
Nothing makes you appreciate the game more than playing a great golf course.  It's hard to take the game seriously when you're banging around the local municipal course every Saturday morning.  Now, be prepared because it can get expensive, but when you play a top notch course, the ball just seems to fly better and land softer.  These courses are very well manicured, so the putts read true and roll better as a result.  It's hard to explain, but trust me, it makes a difference.

5.  Pursue Wisdom-
Like I've been preaching for years... always pursue wisdom.  Yes, even in the game of golf.  If you want to improve your score, do everything in your power to get wisdom about the game before you play.  Get a lesson... consult with a professional... ask questions... watch great golfers...  If you do these things, you'll make better decisions on the course and your score will go down.

I would love to hear other practical ways to lower your golf score under the comments section at  Hit 'em straight!


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  2. Recognize your pointing spot, and focus, are the most essential golf tips to spare your strokes.

  3. Your best tip here is the first one you listed, to play golf with people who make you laugh.

    There's nothing better than a golf outing with a bunch of good friends. It will take the edge off when you're having a good day or bad. I find that I have my best days when I focus on my technique and shallow the golf swing. When I shallow out my swing I have longer, straighter drives overall.