Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Call to Commitment

Over the next few days, we're going to tackle a subject that is taken very lightly in our culture today. Commitment. We live amongst a generation that tells us that it's okay to quit. We are a people that have lost all sense of what it is to truly commit to something or someone, so I want us to see through the scriptures, what God says about commitment.

READ Romans 12:1-3

What does “commitment” mean to you? While it’s a word we all know, we may not truly understand the full implications of a solid, unwavering commitment. One of Scripture’s clearest teachings on commitment is Romans 12:1-3. In those verses, Paul calls believers to present their bodies as a “living sacrifice” unto the Lord. Think about that image.

How did people in the Old Testament offer sacrifices? They took them to the temple, surrendered them to the priest, and then walked away. They walked away. They did not keep their hands on what they brought to the Lord. They did not offer it temporarily or expect to get it back. They simply gave it up, trusting God would honor their sacrifice.

Does this kind of complete surrender characterize your commitment to the Lord? Have you fully and completely given yourself over to His will, His guidance, and His purpose? Many people cannot answer yes to those questions. Such hesitant believers may profess a saving faith in Christ, but it’s almost as though they envision a little contract between themselves and God. They think, You can have me now, Jesus, as long as you take care of me. If something bad happens to me, though, I’m going to take my sacrifice back.

Is your commitment dependent upon God’s blessings? Do you face your hardships with joy (James 1:2)? Or, do your struggles chip away at your holy commitment bit by bit? Active, growing faith requires your total surrender to God. Are you ready to make that sacrifice?

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