Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Nature of Discouragement

There are times in our lives when we find ourselves becoming discouraged because of frustrations and disappointments. There are times when our expectations have to take a back seat because the reality of God's plan for our life is different than what we assumed it would be.

Discouragement is a powerful, destructive force. Before we can understand how to rid our lives of this deadly land mine, we must recognize its harmful nature.

Understand that discouragement...

1. Is something we choose:

Nobody else can make us discouraged; it is a choice that we alone make when facing disappointments.

2. Is universal:

Everybody will face periods of disappointment and discouragement from time to time. This simply cannot be avoided, because we live in a seriously flawed world that is filled with equally flawed people.

3. Can recur:

Sometimes we think we've settled an issue, which later resurfaces when we least expect it. Or, we may have old emotional wounds that are torn open by something a person says or does.

4. Can be temporary--or it can destroy our life:

The choice is ours. If we refuse to deal with discouragement head-on, we are opening the door for it to completely dominate our life.

5. Is conquerable:

With the Lord's help, we can choose not to be discouraged. If we don't believe discouragement can be conquered, then we're actually saying that God doesn't want His children to have a rich and fulfilled life.

If you are stuck in a state of discouragement, it's impossible to experience the peace and inner joy that God wants for His children.

When you find yourself slipping into discouragement, remember that in order to let Him help you out of that lowly state, you have to start by believing that the Father wants to lift you up and get your life back on track with Him. Also remember that what may look like a disappointment at first glance, is probably just a detour to another opportunity that will allow you to become maximized in your life of serving Christ.

Read Psalm 16:7-11

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