Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Brand New School Year

The first day of school is an emotional time for everyone involved. If you're the kid, you're overwhelmed with array of emotions like, anxiety, maybe a little fear, and possibly excitement as well. If you're the parent, you're also feeling anxious, and somewhat fearful, as well as some sadness, but a little bit of excitement too.

For our family, the beginning of this new school year is an exciting time. Jailee and Asher have a brand new school this year (Second Baptist-West Campus), a brand new teacher and brand new classmates and they've jumped right in the middle of things and have loved every minute so far.

Jailee is taking ballet for the first time and Asher already thinks he's a 'lady's man'. God has blessed us with 2 amazing kids and we consider ourselves to be very blessed this year.
God is good.

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