Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Servanthood--A Call to Growth

READ Ephesians 4:11-16

Kids love to show off their height. They eagerly anticipate being tall enough to do all the things their short stature currently prevents. As a kid, I would celebrate every notch on the door frame, even though my notches were much closer to the ground than my brother Jonah. Many parents record and celebrate their children’s growth. They follow the tradition of marking heights on a doorframe.

God the Father also measures His children’s growth. He delights in seeing us reach new levels of spiritual maturity so we can accept greater responsibility. Because a new believer is like a little child in faith, his or her kingdom tasks are, at first, light. God is beginning the transformation process that will grow a saved human being into the image of Christ.

The call to servanthood requires us to do as the Lord Jesus did: act humbly on behalf of our fellow man. When we successfully minister where we are called, new opportunities will open up and offer fresh challenges.

Spiritual growth impacts our fruitfulness. The longer we’ve been believers, the greater our service should be. That does not mean tasks will be highly visible. Satan tries to convince people that some jobs are trivial. But the moment a believer falls for that lie, growth is stunted. God will promote those who put forth the best effort, no matter what the task is.

Every opportunity to bless others honors the Lord and increases a believer’s wisdom and stature before Him. Much of God’s work goes on where only He can see it. But our Heavenly Father is always measuring His children for future service. He’s gauging how much closer we are to His goal for us and what new task will draw us closer still.

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