Monday, October 5, 2009

MAC Conference 2009

This year, we have the privilege of hosting the annual MAC Conference for the Metro Church Associate Youth Pastors. It truly is a unique environment sitting around the table with 38 other Youth Pastors talking about the calling God has placed on our lives and the challenges that come along with it. Today was the first day of the conference and it ended up being a great start to the event.

The lineup looked like this:

Eric Hystad did a talk on 'Longevity in Ministry' and highlighted the benefits of sticking in there when times get tough and also showed how satisfying it is to see the fruits of you labor after investing in the lives of students for years and years.

Michael Head had the next session and talked about 'Doing Global Student Ministry.' The discussion started as a focus on Multiple Location Churches, but ended up narrowing the focus to having a 'Kingdom of God' mindset in Ministry instead of a 'My Kingdom' mindset. It was a great reminder of what we've all been called to as Pastors.

After session 2, the guys broke up into two focus groups on High School Ministry and JHigh Ministry. The MAC officers did a great job of facilitating these groups and it spearheaded some great discussion on discipling students, creativity in ministry, parent ministry, student leadership ministry and more. The dialogue was captivating and the wisdom around the room was humbling.

Deets Finley ended the day with a session on 'Campus Ministry Today.' As Student Pastors, we all know the importance of being on campuses and partnering with schools, but Deets gave specific and innovative ways to establish the relationships and challenged everyone in the room to increase and enhance their campus ministry focus in the days ahead.

We concluded the night with a Steak Dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse, hosted by Mike Calhoun and Word of Life Ministries. These guys have been providing incredible, God Centered, theologically solid resources for students of all ages for a long time. We're thankful for their sponsorship, but most importantly, their consistent focus on reaching teenagers and raising champions for Christ along with us.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day....

Lineup for Tuesday:
Tough Questions Students Pastor Ask--Group Discussion
Family First; Ministering to Your Family--Jordan Easley
Leadership from Right Where God Has You--Dr. Ed Young
Girls Ministry Today--Led By the Ladies

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