Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MAC Conference-Day 2

Tuesday of the MAC Conference didn't pull any punches! Every minute of every session was right on point and I believe that everyone in the room was challenged personally and professionally to become better at what God has called us to be.

Josh Price and Jeremiah Ramer started us off with a bang; the worship was great and the message hit home with every Pastor in the room.

The early session was called 'Tough Questions Student Pastors Ask' and we basically had a round table discussion once the questions were vocalized. Questions like, "How do you do ministry with excellence when your budget is cut?" or "How do you discern God's Will when he says one thing to you and another thing to your spouse?" Other questions we talked through involved money, methodology, family life, personal balance in ministry, wise boundaries that protect Pastors, and more. It was one of my favorite sessions because of the input and wisdom around the table.

I led the next session and it was entitled, "Family First; Ministering to Your Own Family." In this session, I explained the fact that we can be the best communicators on the planet... we can sell books, have huge Student Ministries, be on a speaking circuit, have posters with our faces on them, or even have a facebook fan page (which I really think is ridiculous for Pastors)... but no matter how great we are in ministry (or think we are), ...if we fail at being a husband, or a Daddy... we fail at the ministry God has called us to.

In the next couple of days, I'll post the 7 things I discussed today that I believe are tried and true principles that will set us up for success when it comes to ministering to your family first.
*more to come!

At noon today, we got way more than an amazing chicken lunch plate. My pastor, Dr. Ed Young, gave the MAC Youth Pastors a good 45 minutes of good ol' wisdom! This session alone would have been worth the trip! He talked about balancing ministry with your family. He shared his heart on why and when churches thrive; going all the way back to the early church. He talked about the important role of being a dad and then discussed in detail the process of raising 'Preacher's Kids.' Dr. Young talked about books he was reading and he talked about leadership. It was a home run from start to finish!

After lunch, Kate McKay, Jenn Presswood and Lauren Hall led a session on 'Intentionality in Girls Ministry.' They gave the 'boys' some great reminders and challenged us as we minister to girls at our churches. They reminded us that sports illustrations don't communicate very well and that we need to be sure we know our audience before we speak. They reminded us that we ought to be intentional in affirming them because of the crazy season of life the teenage years are for young ladies. And they also reminded us how we can become better leaders of the ladies on our staff teams. Great session ladies!

We concluded the day with one of our sponsors, Jeff Neal of Team Impact Ministries. In 15 minutes, Jeff brought one of the best messages I've ever heard to a group of Student Pastors. Out of Ephesians chapter 5, he challenged us in his own special way to be authentic imitators of Jesus Christ with our lives and not only with our words. Jeff has been a friend of mine for a long time. I've had the privilege of spending a lot of time with Jeff as we've hosted Team Impact for several crusades and I can say that not only is Jeff a man living life above reproach, but his team does as well. I'm very thankful for Team Impact and for their friendship and I'm also especially thankful for the word Jeff brought to these guys today.

Tomorrow is the last day of the MAC Conference and the lineup looks like good:

Back to the Basics; Your Drive and Your Focus--Steve Seelig
Utilizing Creativity in Ministry--Cliff Young
MAC Business Session--Justin Hayes

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