Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lives Changed at a Dodgeball Tournament

The event we call 'Dodgeball' turned out to be way more than a tournament for teenagers to throw rubber balls at one another... it turned out to be an evening that many will never forget. With 1,215 teenagers registered, the crowd was huge, the energy was high and the anticipation was overwhelming. Michael Middleton did a great job of setting the stage by leading in worship and then God's power was revealed through them presentation of the Gospel.

As I gave the invitation, I wasn't prepared to see what God was about to do. At the conclusion of the invitation, I counted to three and at the moment I said three, 265 students stood to make a public decision to surrender their lives to Christ! It was so overwhelming, that I literally had to sit down on the drum riser directly behind me.

After those students were escorted to the decision counseling area, I had the remaining students take out their cell phones. Once they had their phones ready, I asked the a question:

If today were your last day on Earth, are you certain that you would spend eternity in Heaven tomorrow?

This question also appeared on the screen. They were given 3 answers to choose from and were instructed to text their response. #1 was, YES. #2 was, NO. #3 was, MAYBE, BUT UNCERTAIN. The results from the text were immediate and surprising. Over 100 students in the room answered either 2 or 3. So we had a time, where I asked the 1's to pray for the 2's and 3's. We prayed for a couple minutes and then asked God to give courage to the students who were contemplating this decision. We prayed for obedience, surrender, strength, and courage. And then, with no music playing and all the lights up... with all eyes opened, I opened the invitation up once again. It was incredible to see 20 more students come as individuals to make a life-changing, eternity-altering decision to trust Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

It was a powerful night. 285 total students met Jesus. ...not to mention, it was a great tournament on the field as well. We had 24 courts, 2 brackets, 2 nurses, multiple sponsors, and a great group of adult volunteers to pull this thing off. Thank you to everyone who worked hard to make Dodgeball 2009 an incredible success.

Winner of the Varsity Division: Team SHEEBA (Second Baptist School)

Winner of the Junior Varsity Division:
THE ETHAN HACKETT TEAM (Second Baptist School)

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  1. Jordan, I have never met you but I've heard great things about you from Brian Mills. I'm a Student Pastor in Tampa, Florida area. Man Praise God for so many decisions, way to put in the hard work to allow God to move in such a mighty way. That's just amazing!! God Bless you man!!