Thursday, December 17, 2009

BCS Bowl Game Predictions

I think we all agree that the BCS is a flawed system, but no matter what stance we take, the BCS is the system that is in place. This year, the Bowl Championship Series is providing an incredible lineup of Bowl Games for our viewing pleasure. Each year I try my best to predict the winners in each of the major Bowls and usually do pretty well. We'll have to see this year...

Starting with the Orange Bowl, I think everything in this game favors Georgia Tech. The weather will be nice and the spread option offense that Tech has been running seems to be unstoppable this year, especially to teams that aren't accustomed to running it or defending it. So my Orange Bowl prediction is GEORGIA TECH.

Now on to the Fiesta Bowl. This is a battle of the unbeatens and will be one of the most exciting Bowl games of the year. These two teams locked up last year in the Poinsettia Bowl, but this year brings a whole lot more drama than last. TCU is bringing one of the nations top defenses while Boise State is bringing the nations #1 offense led by quarterback Kellen Moore.
But my Fiesta Bowl prediction has TCU winning in a shootout.

The Sugar Bowl is going to be an entertaining one as well. You have Tim Tebow leading the troops into New Orleans this year for his last college game and they're squaring off against the head-coachless and unbeaten Cinncinati Bearcats who will be fired up and ready to prove something against the Florida powerhouse. After all is said and done, I think this will be an emotional matchup in the Superdome.
My Sugar Bowl prediction has FLORIDA pulling off a close one.

The Rose Bowl has historically been one of the greatest games of the year. This year, I think the Rose Bowl will provide a snoozer of a game. I'm not sure why, but this matchup doesn't impress me at all... I think we'll call this game the Matchup of the Mediocres.
My Rose Bowl prediction has OREGON winning this game.

On January 7th, 2010 Texas will face Alabama in the BCS National Championship Game. This game will be held in Pasadena, California. The weather should be great and the teams will be foaming at the mouth in anticipation of a national title. Both teams finished the year without a loss, however, both teams got close to losing a couple close games. Everyone wants to talk about strength of schedule and strength of conferences, but the reality of it is that we have two powerhouse programs and two legendary coaches locking up in a huge game. I'm predicting that Texas gets off to a slow start and that this game turns more defensive than exciting.
In the end, I'm predicting that TEXAS wins this game by 4.

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