Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowed In- Change of Plans

This morning I heard a reporter say that today was the first day in American history that there was snow in all 50 states. So, congrats to all my fellow Americans for being a part of history!

It just so happens that I'm experiencing this historic moment about 1,000 miles from home. About 4 days ago, I boarded an airplane with my wife and kids, headed to Atlanta to visit for a couple days. My brother, Jonah, and his wife Kathy are back in the United States for the first time in over a year. They currently serve in China, and with their return still undecided, we had to come and see them while we had the chance. Unfortunately, when we planned this trip, we didn't know about the snow storm that would sweep the East Coast and eliminate a majority of the air travel in this part of the world.

This trip took place only a day after an incredible Premiere Weekend at Second Baptist Houston. It was overwhelming to see God move in the hearts of students and adults alike throughout the weekend. On Friday night as I gave the invitation, there were 60 students who stood to accept Christ and on Saturday Night, there were 43 more who stood up and declared that 'Jesus was Lord.' Powerful weekend: 103 Savlations and 30 baptisms on Saturday night.

My visit to Atlanta had to be quick because on Friday night, I have the privilege of speaking at our 'Night of Promise' event at Second. This is an abstinence banquet, where students make a commitment to stay sexually pure until marriage. I look forward to delivering this message every year to the families that participate in the banquet. The problem is... it's Friday morning and I'm still stuck in Atlanta. Multiple flights have been cancelled and now the remaining flights are overbooked and oversold. I've got friends in high places at Delta telling me it could be Sunday morning before they can get me out of town because their aren't' enough airplanes coming to Atlanta because of the snow storms.

So Friday morning, I had to call an audible. We made our way to my Dad's church, Roswell Street Baptist Church and decided to utilize technology to video the message so that it could still be presented at the Night of Promise banquet. Although it will be different than we expected, I pray that like God will utilize this message to impact our students lives and challenge them to live a life pursuing holiness and purity.

Although the extended visit has been unexpected, it's also been a blessing in disguise. It's rare that my entire family is together in one place, especially because my brother lives on the other side of the world, so, getting to spend a little extra time with them has been great. Today, Jonah (my brother), Oas (my Uncle), my Dad, and I ate at Waffle House. Quality. Nothing like having a quality meal with the guys...

I'm afraid this is... To be continued...

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