Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What are the Factors that go into a Teenager being DEVOTED?

PARENTS: They are the number one influence in all areas of a teenager's life, but especially with regards to faith. Having committed Christian parents enables a teenager to have a constant source of discipline as well as a model of what the Christian life looks like on a daily basis.

ADULTS: The members of a teenager's church matter, whether they are 'Youth Workers' or not. The support, advice, love and help they offer is essential to the faith development of a teenager. The more of these adults they have, the more likely they are devoted.

PRAYER: This goes a long way beyond simply praying before meals and bedtime. A relationship with poor communication will quickly sour. It's the same with God. The more a student prays the more they are connected and committed to God.

SCRIPTURE: God has chosen to reveal Himself in His Word. In order to know Him you must know the Bible. This is more than just the who, what, when, where, why and how. A developing passion for God's Word reflects a developing passion for God Himself.

VALUE: If a teenager doesn't recognize a need for faith in their everyday life, then they will soon abandon that faith as emerging adults. Holding faith to be important is a very personal decision, yet seeing how valuable it is to others helps instill that same value in the life of a teenager.

BELIEFS: The less doubts a person possesses as a teenager, the less doubts they will possess as an adult. This is true because this isn't about blindly going along with whatever you're told. This is about firmly knowing what you believe and how to back it up with why you believe it.

EXPERIENCES: God is a personal being who lovingly interacts with His people. The more a teenager personally experiences this divine interaction, the more they come to love God and understand what it means to abide in Him for a lifetime.

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