Tuesday, December 28, 2010

6 Dangers that Leaders Face

I hate acrostics, but I thought I'd share this one that spells out the dangers leaders face:

D = Demonic – like it or not we are involved in a cosmic conflict (Ephesians 6:12) and the leader who refuses to acknowledge this usually gets his’her lunch eaten!

A = Attitude – when we begin to allow our attitude to turn sour towards the church we lead and the staff we are supposed to shepherd we will begin to focus on making the decisions that benefit us over the decisions that benefit them. (See Philippians 2:5)

N = Neglect - leading in the church can cause us to neglect things that are important…such as time with Jesus, our spouse, our children and our health just to name a few. BTW…if any of these are being neglected then its YOUR fault…not the churches. Remember…you are the leader.

G = Gifting – when growth is taking place in a church or an organization and a leader loses focus on Jesus he/she will actually begin to rely more on their gifting than the One who actually gave the gift. AND…when we believe we can do things by ourselves without His help…well, He’s often kind enough to let us take a stab at it (and it always goes bad!)

E = Enthusiasm – one of the most dangerous traps a leader can fall into is to allow their emotion to determine their devotion. And so…when we ride the enthusiasm roller coaster we seek the emotional high rather than the truth of God’s Word and the reality of an empty tomb to anchor us down!

R = “Remember When” – it is a dangerous thing when leaders begin to talk about the “good ‘ole days” so much that they fail to realize that their BEST DAYS are the ones that are ahead of them, not behind them!

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