Tuesday, December 21, 2010

7 Reasons Leaders Flame Out

#1 – We Allow Our Schedule To Control Us!

When we begin to fall victim to our schedules and the demands of others…and in doing so ignore the physical, emotional and spiritual implications of a 100 mph daily schedule…it is a matter of time before we hit the wall.

#2 – Believing We Have To Have All Of The Answers!

The belief that we have to have the solution for every problem usually arises from a lack of trust in the leaders we have around us…and if we do not trust them we will never fully release ministry to them…which makes the load for us unbearable.

#3 – Ceasing To Learn

When we stop learning we stop growing…and when we stop growing as a leader we begin dying as one.

#4 – Refusal To Admit Mistakes

Nothing can burn a leader out more than this…because IF we realize a mistake and then begin to manufacture energy in order to try to make the mistake somehow become a win then not only does it go bad for our church in the long run…but we eventually lose the trust of everyone who is on our team.

#5 – Avoiding A Problem And Simply Praying It Will Go Away!

Leaders deal with problems…they don’t run from them. Remember in I Samuel 17…one leader avoided a problem for 40 days (that would be Saul)…another leader dealt with it (that would be David.) Most of the time we want to be like David but we act like Saul! God put us in positions of leadership to lead…and leadership means embracing every situation that God sends our way…even the uncomfortable ones!

#6 – Refusing To Ask For Help!

For some reason pastors and leaders believe that if we ask for help people will think we are weak (because…we actually ARE weak!) BUT…the reason we feel like we are being overwhelmed is because…well, sometimes…we are! That is why we need great friends, trusted mentors and a great Biblical counselor to help us gain insight.

#7 – Refusing To Make The Necessary Changes!

I can’t tell you the number of times I had conversations with leaders about changes that they need to make and their response is always, “Yep, I know I need to do that…but…well, now is not a good time because BLAH BLAH BLAH!” If we know the changes are necessary but refuse to make them…then change WILL happen TO us instead of THROUGH us (and it usually isn’t pretty!)

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