Monday, March 21, 2011

Tough Question from a DJ

While in Belize this past week, we spent some time on the radio promoting a city-wide crusade we were hosting for the local Belizian community. Along with me, I brought a few students to represent our team.

The DJ was fascinated with our teenagers and asked them some pretty difficult questions. Margaret was talking about how blessed she was, having grown up in a Christian home. She talked about how fortunate she was to be raised in a Christ-like environment. The DJ then asked her a tough question.

He said, "Margaret, what do you say to the 15 year old girl listening right now who isn't as blessed as you? What do you tell the girl who is raised in poverty and in a home without any understanding of who God is? How do you give her the hope that you have?"

Tough question... here was her response.

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