Saturday, April 30, 2011

FREE "Caedmon's Call" Concert at ACCESS May 15th

I'm excited to announce that Caedmon's Call will be joining us for ACCESS on May 15, 2011. They will be a part of the service that night and then have a FREE CONCERT after the service. Start thinking about who you're going to bring with you that night. You're not going to want to miss this!

Caedmon's Call will be presenting an exclusive release for their latest project Raising Up The Dead. Caedmon's released Raising Up The Dead directly to their fans through their website in October of 2010. To their great surprise, it was very well received. It was then released digitally in November of 2010. That release also did unexpectedly well, even hitting number one at This led to the band (and their label) deciding to release the project physically in stores in March 2011. These Texas release shows of Raising Up The Dead are Caedmon's chance to share these songs with their first fans, their community.

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