Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Leaving a Legacy

Big thought: imagine when your kids are 30 and they come home for thanksgiving with their own kids, what will be their pursuit in life?
Question to ask yourself: what do you want your child to be like at age 30

*Notes taken from Metro Youth Pastor Session with Richard Ross

- youth pastors who are tremendously successful with other people's kids can lose their own heart connection with their own kids.
- the vast majority of people who have a vibrant faith are people who maintained a consistent heart connection as a son or daughter.

- there is not one positive piece of research that says hollering at kids produces lasting positive effects.
- are you certain that yelling is a good strategy?
- to keep from yelling at kids, you use consequences. Consequences illustrate justice and fairness
- Tug of War strategy - when a teenager pulls and tests the limits it's totally normal. When you give and take and reward positively based on faithfulness and responsibility it helps them process good or bad behavior.

- The absence of words that can bless and encourage can pull pipes from people's hearts.
- your words matter so much that you can maximize your potential to fill a hearts tank to the full
- are you saying those sentences that mean everything to kids?
- a growing absence of encouraging words can weaken a heart connection

- a balance of extracurricular activities must be maintained to create a better child, which was the purpose of extracurricular activities were created
- is all of this activity building better kids in our house?

Things You Can Do Daily, Weekly, Monthly to Lead Your Home
1. DAILY - pray with your kids everyday
before everyone leaves, at night before bed, all together in the morning...work what's best
2. DAILY - pray for your children
- the enemy is roaring looking to devour your kids. Make the decision to wake every morning to do battle for your kids...on your knees.
- do your kids ever see you praying for them?
3. DAILY - live His life in front of your kids
- what is to be my attitude, response, reaction to this moment?
4. DAILY - teach as you walk in the way
- in the course of the day, look for the opportunity to inject truth in your kids life
1. WEEKLY - creative worship together
- your best should be given to your family
2. MONTHLY - Serve others in Christ name together
- if you wish this for your youth ministry why not make this a priority for your own family.
3. YEARLY - serve others in Christ name as a family away
- family mission trip
- or, spend one day on vacation serving others
- when it is logistically possible, take your kids with you on church trips

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