Friday, June 24, 2011

Are You or Someone You Know a DAD in the ATLANTA Area?

*This was taken from the front page of the Marietta Daily Journal on Sunday Morning-

MARIETTA — Dr. Ernest Easley, senior pastor of Marietta’s Roswell Street Baptist Church, announced Friday that he will be leading a two-day conference in August to help fathers become better parents to their children and support each other.

“The purpose is to provide fathers support, encouragement and practical application of God’s word to help them in their role as fathers. Today, we’ve got men’s and women’s conferences, and those are great, but I’m not aware of a conference designated just for fathers,” Easley said.

Easley will continue the theme of fatherhood with his two sons, Jordan and Jonah, as fellow leaders of the conference, to be held on Friday, Aug. 19 and Saturday, Aug. 20. The conference, which Easley has named “Raising Young Champions for God,” will consist of worship opportunities and group sessions.

Jordan Easley is the student pastor at Second Baptist Church in Houston, and Jonah Easley owns a coffee shop in China, Easley said. Both are also married with children.

Each of the Easleys will lead separate worship sessions, and then come together for a session on Saturday to answer questions submitted by participants during the conference.

On Friday night, fathers are welcome to bring their children with them to the worship service, then send the children to a session led by the church’s children’s ministry director while the fathers attend their selected sessions.

Easley said the fathers will be able to choose one session to attend on Friday and one on Saturday morning.

“There are various topics they can go to, like what do you do when you have a rebellious child? That will probably be a very popular one. How do you balance work and family? It’s a big struggle for a lot of our men trying to make a living yet probably also being absentee fathers. Also, how do you bond with your child? That will deal with how important it is for fathers to bond with their children,” Easley said.

Easley said the conference was created amid encouragement from the men in his church, though he said the conference will be open to anyone, regardless of church affiliation.

“I have two sons in the ministry and their families are great, and I have a daughter in Marietta who is an active member of our church, so they encouraged me over the years to talk more about that publicly. Well, I’ve always felt awkward doing that, so I felt if we had a venue where we could talk about fatherhood to fathers, it would be a great encouragement to the fathers in our community. It’s not easy being a father, and both of my sons are fathers, so we’re going to pool our experience and what the Bible teaches us to help fathers across this community to be the best dads,” Easley said.

Easley said neither he nor his staff has ever conducted a conference like this one so he was unsure of how many fathers would participate, but he did say they hoped to make the conference an annual event.

The cost is $40, Easley said, and interested fathers will need to register by Aug. 19 to participate. Registration can be done online at For more information, call the church at (770) 424-9800.

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