Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Health Update on My Mother-In-law

UT Southwestern Hospital, Dallas, Texas-

As of today, my Mother in law, Carmen Podzemny has been battling a rare and aggressive disease in her body called Neuromyelitis Optica for right at 2 weeks.

This disease paralyzed her from the waist down and suddenly immobilized her and left her in a state of shock. As you can imagine, it is a terrifying situation to be in and we've been asking everyone who hears this story to join us in praying for her, the doctors & for God to receive glory throughout this entire ordeal.

Here's the latest update from Dallas:

In the past 48 hours, Carmen has undergone numerous treatments and tests; plasma exchanges, a blood transfusion, a couple spinal taps, and an IV-IG (Immunoglobulin Treatment). This morning they placed a catheter into Carmen's neck, which is a really big deal. Last time they tried to place these tubes into her jugular vein, they were unsuccessful; and they reluctantly placed the tubes into the primary vein in her groin. When they did that, it caused some major complications and infection in her body, and they were forced to stop the treatment. Now that these tubes (which are both the size of a straw) are in her neck, they can continue the blood treatment that will hopefully flush her blood and remove the bad stuff that is attacking her body.

This disease is neurological, but there are apparently some bad things in her blood that are attacking the spinal column; causing a swelling to her spinal cord and that is what's causing the paralysis. They believe with the blood treatment, it will help prevent the attacks and once they can shut that down, they will hopefully be able to reverse the damage that has been done with physical therapy.

We have seen some progress and the reports we're receiving are good right now. She sat up in bed for the first time yesterday and ate a meal. She's also starting to see some success in moving her legs! She's already gone through 3 plasma exchanges and they believe these are helping. They think she'll probably do another 4-5 of these in the next several days.

Now that the catheter is successfully installed in her neck, it will make this process much easier on her body. We're grateful for your sweet words and encouragement and covet your continuous prayers in the days, weeks and months ahead. It will be a process, but we believe the physical therapist that whispered in her ear the other day and said, "I really believe you're going to walk outta here!"

We believe that. We believe God has a plan. We believe He's working and our HOPE is in Him alone. Thank you for believing that alongside us.

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