Saturday, June 25, 2011

Will You Pray? ...please?

It's crazy how a time of crisis in our lives can get our attention so quickly. This week, I've spent more time flat on my face praying than I have in a long time. And I'm begging Him right now, to work in a way only he can... here's why:

My Mother in law, Carmen Podzemny was walking the streets of New Orleans about a week ago. Her and Mike (my Father in law) were eating good food, and having a good time. The next day she came down with flu like symptoms along with a tingling sensation in her foot.

Fast forward a few days--

She's been diagnosed with Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO); a rare and aggressive disease that attacks the nerves in your spinal column and causes your body to be put in a paralyzed state. She now has no feeling from her belly button down and she's confined to a hospital bed with tubes and machines hooked up to her body.

I can't imagine...

On top of all that, she's incredibly claustrophobic and she on multiple occasion has been bolted to a table and had to encounter 2 hour MRI sessions.

I can't imagine...

Here's what I'm asking everyone who's reading this to do:

Commit to praying for Carmen. Pray hard; and pray for the following things:

-Pray for complete and total healing to her body
-Pray for Mike, Audra (my wife) and Adam (my brother in law) as they support and encourage her throughout this process.
-Pray for Doctors, Nurses and Specialists to have supernatural wisdom and discernment as they diagnose and address the disease that attacks her body.
-Pray for Carmen; that she would remain positive, focused and determined to fight, with a renewed faith each day that God is in control and sees the big picture!
-Pray that God would receive glory throughout this process!

Thank you in advance for your prayers! I look forward to delivering good news in the near future!

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