Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lucky to be Alive

I hope this video reminds us of the fact that we are surrounded by people every single day that are trapped... unconscious... surrounded by flames and threatened by a destiny of certain death.

God has you where you're at for a reason. He gave you your job for a reason. He put you in the family you're in for a reason. He put you in your circle of influence for a reason.

We go wrong when we start believing that all of these things are random and not God ordained.

Also, remember that God has a goal through all of these things. He said that we were created for HIS GLORY. The reason we're alive today is to point people to Him, make Him famous, and to ultimately bring a smile to His face. That's why we're here.

So, if that's true, we should look at our surroundings a little differently; the people we're surrounded with... those we meet... the one's in our families and in our circle of friends.

If we embrace the fact that HE is the goal, and we truly love people the way God loves them... it should cause us to react differently when we realize that there are people trapped... unconscious... and in desperate need of saving all around us.

Will you do you part in pulling them out from under the car... or will you leave them there to burn? God calls us to action... embrace that calling today.

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