Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dodgeball 2011 Recap

Dodgeball 2011 was AMAZING!!!!  Our volunteer leaders and Student Ministry Staff team did an amazing job with the program and tournament this year.

To recap the event:
There were 1,569 students at Dodgeball and 144 students prayed to receive Christ!  Many were baptized that night in the baptistry on the field as well.  It was an incredible night for the Kingdom.

This year we also embraced the theme "Dodge Hunger."  We encouraged our students to bring cans of food so that we could feed hungry people in Houston for the Holidays.  They stepped up and donated 1,467 cans of food!  

The program this year was fantastic!  There was a little bit of everything:  T-Shirt Cannon's as well as a special appearance from the Second Baptist School Cheerleaders.  

The Houston Rocket's Launch Team kicked off the event with a pretty incredible display of athleticism and talent.  

The Stratford High School Drum line showed why they are considered one of the best.  These guys/girls put on a show that the students were talking about all night long.

The JUMP Team from Second Baptist always shows up strong!  These students are the best of the best and they did a phenomenal job with their dance number.

It was my privilege once again, for me to share the Gospel with this group of students.  It was humbling to see so many students stand up, recognize their need for Jesus and then make a bold confession in front of their peers that they needed a Savior.  It was a God moment as hundreds of students gave their lives to Christ! 

This was the most competitive Dodgeball I've ever seen.  Students showed up in rare form, dressed to impress & ready to compete.  We had over 60 schools represented in this tournament and people came from all across the Greater Houston Area to be a part of Dodgeball 2011.

In the end, there were two Champions:

2011 Junior Varsity Champion - "Jekovich" from Second Baptist School
2011 Varsity Champion - "Victory Tastes Like Texas" from Memorial High School

*A very special thanks to everyone who worked hard to make this tournament possible.  Our Student Ministry volunteers did everything from register students, referee the games, to cleaning up the field after the tournament was over.  Thank you... Thank you... Thank you!!!

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