Friday, January 20, 2012

Belize Mission Camps with Team Impact

Our friends at Team Impact have just added a great ministry adventure opportunity to their portfolio and will be taking the Gospel to Central America.  And the good news is, now you can partner with these guys and literally take the good news to the ends of the earth. 

Mission Belize:

As you can see from the video, Team Impact has partnered with one of the nicest resorts in the entire country of Belize and will be hosting groups all summer long.  It doesn't matter if you have a group of 9 or 90... young or old... these guys are prepared to plan and facilitate the best mission's experience you've ever had.

Belize really does provide an adventure atmosphere.  I've been to this facility 5 times so far and each time has been unique and exciting.  We've experienced everything from horseback riding to snorkeling the 2nd largest reef in the world.  We've taken riverboats through the rain forest and hand fed wild monkeys.  We've visited Mennonite communities and seen Mayan Ruins that date thousands of years B.C.  Belize has unlimited opportunities for adventure.

Part of the adventure is the fact that this country is so hungry for the Gospel.  With many of the Mayans living in Belize, it's a common belief that the world is soon going to end.  Belizians want to talk about eternity.  They're desperate to know what happens after this life is over.  God has opened up many doors for us in Belize.  Through local churches, political leaders, school officials and media outlets, we have opportunities to share Jesus that are unheard of here in the states.  These opportunities will encourage your people and get them excited about sharing their faith.

Advantages of Belize:
  • It's safe.  As many people know, Mexico has become a dangerous destination for groups to visit.  Drugs, gangs and violence have become the norm and therefore many people encourage you not to bring groups to Mexico.
  • It's cheap.  For an international mission trip, this is the most cost effective option for what you get in return.
  • They speak English.  English is the predominant language of Belize.  It's taught in schools as the primary language and just about everyone communicates in English.
  • Accommodations.  These are the premiere accommodations for your group.  They have a chef, a nurse and 24 hour security that work for your group while you're there.  The rooms have a/c, running water, beds w/ sheets, Cable TV, refrigerators, etc.  It's almost too nice!  :-)  But it's great to have a nice, safe place to relax after serving all day in the Belize.
  • Team Impact-- When you partner with Team Impact, they will handle the majority of the legwork.  They'll prepare for your trip and facilitate it once you arrive.  It truly is a turn-key operation that you can take advantage of.
Here's my recommendation:

It you're a Youth Pastor, Singles Pastor, Married Adult Pastor, College Pastor or Senior Pastor, you need need to consider taking a group as soon as possible.  These guys are booking up quick, so the sooner you commit the better. 

Here's the thing... it's going to be a lot easier to stay at home.  It'll be cheaper, it'll be more comfortable, it'll be easier to stay in the states... but the fact of the matter is, the Gospel is worth it.  God was very clear with us in Scripture and if we are serious about following Him, we need to be serious in obeying Him.  He said GO! the ends of the earth.  That's what He challenged us with and that's what I'm challenging you with as well.  Go.

If you're interested in taking a group at any time, please email me directly so I can make sure you get the very best rate.  I want to help you make this a reality, so if there's anything I can do, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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